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We all have to travel - And there's one way to do it

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Serving the Distinguished International Traveler

Aan international traveler I have come to enjoy the feeling of taking off from my home base and looking forward to a new adventure. Meeting the people i have only spoken with over the phone, seeing the offices and the factories they work in is exhilarating. I still get a little giddy when I know I am going somewhere I have never been. But travel has become increasingly more dangerous and inherently more risk filled than before.

Due to the unrest in many parts of the World, airport security has become a necessary evil that is making flight more and more laborious. Gone are the days where families would take their loved ones to the terminal gate and watch them board the plane. This same unrest has caused many of us that must travel internationally and even locally to question whether or not we are safe and secure as we leave on that business trip.

Questions like… “What would happen if I get ill while away from my home?”, “If I get shot or kidnapped, what would I do?”, are common.

Have you wondered any of the following: “What if I’m involved in an accident overseas? Who would care for me?” What would happen if the borders are closed behind me? How would I get back home?”

The World is ever changing and in it we see how unstable the security environment actually is.  This unrest only adds additional risk to international travelers every time they step out side their door and into that cab or rickshaw.

If there is one constant in international security it’s that it is never constant.

To mitigate this risk, many executives in large Companies, have professionals, like myself, working in the background planning, coordinating and actively working to reduce the risks surrounding their travel and the travel of the other Company employees. Although I believe that this solution is the best, it’s price tag can be a little intimidating for a smaller Company or the individual who must travel.

But before we throw in the towel and start conducting all our meetings via an online video conference software, I believe that there is a way to meet our obligations and even enjoy ourselves as we travel. As long as we follow some time honored tips and even some secrets on how to travel securely, we can do so without having to hire an entire security detail.

What Makes A Successful Trip