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We all have to travel - And there's one way to do it



Welcome To Travel T.H.I.S. Way

I am pleased to share with you my years of experience of working in International Criminal Justice and Corporate Security.  My work has taken me across the world and placed me in precarious places more than once. Thanks to my training, and mentors in my life I have learned to stay above the fray, traveling safe and secure.

On this site I will post the best travel practices for the distinguished traveler. My team and I firmly believe that a traveler should travel THIS Way.

Security isn’t just for international trips, nor is it simply a necessary nuisance encountered at the airport. It’s a way of life that can set you apart from crowd. Your levels of awareness and state of alert can make a difference between a successful business trip and one interrupted by a stay at the local jail, hospital or worse.

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Travel security is not an option for the distinguished traveler who is worth more than just Money

Make your next trip your best

Travel T.H.I.S. way was developed to support you in all phases of your travel in order to make your trip more secure, and to help you keep your mind at ease.

Our posts, travel and security tips, and soon to be released podcast are designed with the executive and distinguished traveler in mind.

  • Actionable checklists
  • Best days and times to travel
  • Travel insight at major cities
  • Security devices you need when traveling


  • Travel Insurance
  • Hospital recommendations
  • Meet and Greets
  • Essential travel items
  • How to prepare your children
  • Hotel Recomendations
  • Crisis Management
  • Best Practices at Airports
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Managing Social Networks while traveling
  • Hotel Security Checklists
  • Repatriation of remains
  • How to blend in
  • What foods not to eat
  • Communications
  • Hotel Ratings
  • How to select the right carrier
  • Personal awareness
  • SHTF Scenarios and Survival
  • Monitoring your travel

The Source For Your Best In…

  • Travel Planning
  • Security Abroad
  • Developing Awareness
  • Best Practices
  • Emergency Preparedness in Travel
  • Crisis Management in Travel
  • I never though it would happen to me but while I was on a cruise my wife had a stroke and the ship dumped us both of in Cartagena.

    Thanks to Travel This Way I had already identified some hospitals in the ports we would be going to, and knew which one I would be using.  Besides that, I had my Emergency Plan filled out and I was prepared to stay there in Cartagena for the 2 weeks until my wife and I were able to fly home.

    Don NExecutive
  • My firm pays for the flights and hotels but the security is up to me. The tips I’ve learned here at Travel This Way has made my international trips more enjoyable.

  • I avoided an embarrassing moment in the hotel by following the steps mentioned in the top ten list.

    Doug PBusiness owner
  • Good reports, clear actionable steps and to-the-point blogs that defines security outside the usual guns, dogs, and gates.

    CJ BeckCOO

Best practices, best advice, best insight ever. Do you need to go somewhere? Travel THIS Way.